DIY Confetti with Tissue Paper and a Circle Hole Punch

DIY Confetti!

You know what I realized the other day? Buying confetti can be expensive! Especially if you want to mix colors to fit your party theme, you'd have to buy multiple packs to create the look your going for. And for what? Shredded paper? Not worth it! But the good news is that you can make your own confetti for so … More DIY Confetti! »
Harry Potter Golden Snitch Feather Napkin Rings for Wedding

DIY: Harry Potter Inspired Golden Snitch Napkin Rings

Need a cute and classy way to incorporate Harry Potter into your table decor? I gotcha! All you need to do is make these simple gold snitch napkin rings for your place settings! Keep reading for materials and directions (and click here to see more Harry Potter inspired wedding ideas!) MATERIALS Gold Napkin Rings 3" Craft Feathers Gold Spray Paint … More DIY: Harry Potter Inspired Golden Snitch Napkin Rings »
Harry Potter Gold His Her Vow Envelopes with Always Card

DIY: Harry Potter Inspired His and Her Vow Cards

I'm ALL about the little details when it comes to planning your wedding day! That includes the little things like vow cards since these are something that you'll keep forever. For a Harry Potter fan, we know that "Always" has a deep meaning, so it is perfect for something that you'll write your promises on. Keep reading for a full … More DIY: Harry Potter Inspired His and Her Vow Cards »
Harry Potter Inspired Wedding Muggle to Mrs. Mug

A Harry Potter Inspired Wedding

HARRY POTTER-LOVING BRIDES!! I know you've been thinking a lot about how you can turn your wedding into a magical Hogwarts experience! Well, my best friend recently got married, and she is the ULTIMATE Harry Potter fan. Naturally, I wanted to give her the Triwizard Cup of weddings! (Okay, I'm getting a little carried away.) Here is how I did … More A Harry Potter Inspired Wedding »

Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

This might sound like an exaggeration, but in all honesty, my favorite part of wedding planning was making things for other people! I particularly enjoyed spoiling my bridesmaids with little gifts that I thought they would like. (Check out the bridesmaid proposal boxes I made them a while back!) So today I'm sharing the personalized bridesmaid gift boxes that I … More Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Boxes »
DIY Gold Glitter Wood Table Numbers

DIY: Gold Glitter Standing Table Numbers

Attract your guests to their tables with some sparkly glitter standing table numbers! They stand about 15" tall and make a lovely complement to your centerpieces. Though this tutorial may look like it's a lot of steps, making the table numbers is actually really easy! Read on for product links and directions! MATERIALS 3" Wood Squares 12" Wood Dowels 3" … More DIY: Gold Glitter Standing Table Numbers »